45 Mother Teresa Quotes about Love, Kindness and Compassionate

Mother Teresa Quotes on Love: How Mother Teresa devoted her whole life to help the poor? Does it make you motivated?  If you’re interested to learn more about this well-known humanitarian and missionary, you will definitely like our next arrangement of Mother Teresa quotes on love, kindness, and helping others.

Her family name was Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu, but she was well known as Mother Teresa- an Albanian-Indian missionary and nun.

She established the Order of the Charity, which was keen, devoted to help the poor, disabled and works in Calcutta, India.

Mother Teresa is known all over the world for her self-sacrifice, sympathy, and humanity. She is one of the most popular charity workers in the world.

Her example might encourage us to donate our lives to serve those in requirement and to play a more active role for serving others.

Mother Teresa– as a missionary and nun always inspired to do something keenly for others rather than solving the current issues with money. By doing this way, she is took many challenges to think again their outlook.

As well as serving to others, she helped millions of people over the world to lead a good life filled with kind, care, and love.

Mother Teresa Quotes

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45 Mother Teresa Quotes about Love

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