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Are you interested to know about Mahatma Gandhi’s major successes on how he took an empire to its knees with peaceful techniques?  Today we have collected a wonderful list of Mahatma Gandhi quotes which will help you to learn more about him who encouraged millions of people around the world.  These prevailing life quotes may grab your interest too.

Mahatma Gandhi was a social activist, a political figure, a leader of movement against the British occupation, and a lawyer. He is popular over the world for his peaceful strategies to free India from British rule.

Gandhi lived over 20 years in South Africa – a time that may be considered as his difficult time. In South Africa, he faced discrimination which caused in much humiliation.

These Mahatma Gandhi quotes will encourage you to protest against discrimination

If you read the books and letters of Gandhi, you will see that he had countless perception to share about love, life, peace and diplomacy. His amazing thoughts on life, in general, are very incalculable.

What is even more surprising is that his thoughts and feelings are still relevant in our current period.

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