33 Best Benjamin Franklin Quotes and Sayings to Take Challenge in Life

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Benjamin Franklin was one of the founding fathers of the United States born on 17th January in 1706 in Boston.

When he was at 43 ages, Franklin started concentrating on experimentation’s, science, and developments and soon designed a heat- effective stove called the

Franklin stove to keep houses warm well. Then he invented swim fins, bifocals, and the glass armonica (a music device).

In the 1750’s he started learning about electricity.

His popular kite experiment and other explanations proved the nature of lightning. And then he got an international reputation.

Benjamin Franklin had a massive influence on the history of the United States.

Franklin got his title as “The First American” for his continuous campaigning of colonial unity and outlining both the Statement of Freedom in the Constituents of the Americas.

Moreover, he ordered the first successful lending collection of the United States.

Benjamin Franklin was respected and honored as a politician, a writer, scientist, entertainer, freemason, and diplomat who never even completed his school life.

His strength of mind and moral mindfulness made him one of America’s most iconic theorists in the early history of the United States.

Franklin passed away on 17th April in the 1790s at the age of 84, and over twenty thousand people attended his funeral.

This post will cover 33 benjamin franklin famous quotes about life lessons.

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Benjamin Franklin Quotes

33 Benjamin Franklin Quotes:

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